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Groendyke Ranch is a large commercial cow/calf operation. Our cowherd is primarily black angus based using Hereford and angus bulls. During the last two years we’ve incorporated the use of red angus genetics as well. Groendyke ranch utilizes an intense AI protocol aimed specifically for creating high quality replacement heifers. We are involved and enrolled in the Angus Link program to market feeder calves. Groendyke ranch is a performance based operation focused on detailed herd reporting. We Geneseek DNA test all replacement females, and select herd sires from reputable seedstock producers who utilize all the latest cutting edge tools at their disposal.


Groendyke Ranch Sale

The 2021 Groendyke Ranch Sale will feature 225 commercial bred heifers. These are all 1 iron heifers were AI bred and cleaned up with calving ease Angus, Red Angus, and Hereford bulls. Heifers will sell in groups by anticapted calving date.
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